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Be it a small dent or a big dent on your car, the stress has almost the same impact on the car owner. Whether the dent appears small or big, only a professional panel beater can identify the intensity of the damage caused. Auto Panel provides the finest panel beating services in Thomastown, Epping, and Lalor suburbs with the proficiency of our skilled panel beaters who can determine the intensity of the damage caused by state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Our reliable panel beaters can reduce the extensive damage caused, irrespective of the make and model of your car.

At Auto Panel, we ensure that our panel beatings services can restore your vehicle into its previous glory with the most tailor-fit panel beating solutions without using any confusing technical jargon. We restore the panel to its original shape and contour with the help of advanced tools and techniques in the planishing process, where heat is applied to the damaged area to reshape the metal surface. This solves the damaged car shape issues. At Auto Panel, our professional and dedicated panel beating services have made us the most trusted name in the field of panel beaters in Thomastown, Epping, and Lalor.

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Lalor’s world-class panel beaters are at the Auto Panel service center who strive to provide your car with the most customized solutions in panel beating. Our services are affordable and done in the quickest downtimes. Be it planishing, metalworking, or welding techniques that involve putty fillers, and so on, our professional panel beaters are well-equipped to handle it all. A DIY video or an amateur mechanic can make the condition of your vehicle worse as panel beating involves expert hands to perform techniques like shrinking/ stretching., planishing, welding, filling, sanding, and spray painting of your vehicle to make your car look brand new back again. Auto Panel employs highly-skilled and well-trained panel beaters who can perform all these panel beating techniques with ease and at the most affordable rates in Epping, Lalor and Thomastown suburbs.

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Looking out for an expert panel beater to fix your damaged car in Epping, Lalor, and Thomastown? Auto Panel is a one-stop-shop solution for all your panel beating requirements. Our services are prompt, reliable, and affordable. Our friendly staff provides panel beating services at your convenience as we provide a hassle-free pick-up and drop-off os your vehicle. Call us on 0423 364 503 to find out more about our panel beating services in Lalor, Thomastown, and Epping suburbs.

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